Little Doll

thumbnail_20180224_171812Don’t really know what to say in this post, other than I found a bunch of pencils I forgot I had and decided to draw a little picture of a doll with them.

thumbnail_20180224_200933Love finding random things I’ve forgotten about. It’s like a little hidden reward for spring cleaning. Anyway, hope you enjoy the drawing and if you’ve ever found random things while spring cleaning, feel free to tell me about it in the comments. I’d love to hear about it.

14 thoughts on “Little Doll

  1. Well, I hope you will keep if dim things you have forgotten about, as this looks really awesome. Truly a wonderful drawing indeed 😊
    Can’t really remember if I ever found something worthwhile when doing some spring cleaning. But I guess I haven’t else I would have remembered it 😊😊

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    • Thank you for your kind words 😀

      It’s a whole bunch of graded pencils, of course I’m keeping them. I’d be mad not to hehe 🙂
      The pencils definitely made up for a very dull weekend and monday of clearing out cupboards/wardrobes, moving furniture and scrubbing just about everything.

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  2. Last time I cleaned the house, I saw kitten bones and then realized my cat gave birth last year. She left her babies to die. So yeah…I’m glad you don’t get those surprises while you clean. hahaha
    and you don’t do those cross section thingys and a circle when you draw? cause of proportions and stuff?

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